Mitsubishi ductless systems allow for personalized comfort in every room of every home. As a Certified Diamond Contractor for Mitsubishi we specialize in designing and installing custom ductless systems to fit your needs and budget. With inverter driven compressors Mitsubishi maximizes your savings by only utilizing the energy needed to heat or cool an area perfectly. These systems allow for complete comfort control in every room and allow for maximum control and efficiency by cooling and heating only the areas in use. Mitsubishi ductless systems not only save money, but greatly improve air quality through the use of Hybrid Catechin pre filters. These are easily washable and with proper care remain effective for up to ten years.

Mitsubishi offers multiple options and styles of indoor ductless systems. While each system has its own remote controller for regulating the comfort of each room, we can also install them with any thermostat including NEST thermostats. This will allow for control of the system from any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer. With energy costs on the rise each year why sacrifice your homes comfort to help reduce the utility bill. Mitsubishi ductless systems can utilize approximately 35% less energy while providing better comfort with healthier air quality. Whether you are looking at a system for a sunroom, room over the garage, separate detached building, shop or are interested in converting the whole home to ductless, we can help guide you. When you are ready to join the ductless revolution and take control of your homes comfort and energy costs, look no further. Give us a call and take the first step towards a whole new level of comfort.