“Rely on the STAR” Tempstar is our main line of central heating and cooling equipment. Their trusted reliability and outstanding 10 year parts warranties make them the right choice when choosing a new central heating and cooling system for your home. The ease of access to get into the equipment and service friendly design will help to insure that the system is easily maintained.

Tempstar equipment utilizes aluminum coils for longer life with less corrosion. Stainless steel heat exchangers come with limited lifetime warranties. These systems are engineered with the homeowner in mind. They are tougher, quieter, and easier to install. Their are multiple models in the Tempstar line to give you the ability to choose the right system for your home. With systems that can reach up to 19 SEER and communicating features available, these systems can save you money in utility costs.

When you are ready to upgrade or should the time run out on your current system, we are here to help. We can walk you through all of the options that Tempstar has to offer, and will custom design and install a system to fit your needs and budget.

We have financing available starting at 0%

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