Our story is simple…. PHSS heating and cooling has a mission to change the way service companies operate. After 20 years of working as a service technician in the Columbia area I grew tired of hearing the stories of how customers used to be treated when they needed help with a problem… It seemed to me as most folks missed the days when they could call up a friend or neighbor who knew enough to come over and get the furnace pilot lit, or change out a starter for them…

Over the years the small mom and pop companies that focused on building a relationship with their clients began to disappear. You no longer saw the owner out in his truck catching calls, and more importantly engaging with his clients…. I would hear folks tell me that they were frustrated with a new technician showing up every time they had an issue…. Or they had never met the owner of the company that they were using. Many would speak of the times when they remembered the owner of a company coming out himself and fixing their system, and that they felt as if he were a friend.

I decided that it was time to start a company from ground zero…. I wanted to build a company based mainly off of word of mouth referrals. Without spending the outrageous amounts of money that some folks dump into advertising, I felt I could keep our pricing down. I Wanted a business to grow based on our efforts, attention to detail, workmanship, and by building strong relationships with our clients. I wanted customers to get back what they were missing…… Not just fair pricing, but that relationship with the owner of the company they were calling and its employees.

I am proud to say that myself and my employees have worked diligently to achieve these goals. I am so proud to get up and get out and work along side of our staff each day. Most days I even keep the phones forwarded to me so that I can answer 85-90% of the calls we receive, even while I’m out on a repair call. I love my work, but more importantly I love our clients and community…… This has made it easy for our company to grow and for us to pioneer the way a service business should be run.

If our company can ever help you in any way, we will be here when you need us. I look forward to building a relationship with you and exceeding your expectations.

Michael Miller / Owner   

(803) 318-3622   Mike@phsshvac.com